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Seruni Indah Located at Raya Geluran, Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia. Since 1990 We have been producing various kinds of bags, seperti Backpacks, Messenger, Triangle Bodybag, Waistpack, Travel & wheeled luggage, For Promotion & Retail. Our Fatory settled Machinery, From Manual to Automatic Sewing Machine, Cutting Machine, Embroidery Machine, and much more, so it would be more efficient, Working based on time, And Different system from other supplier, we can finish all products within shorter time..

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Whatsapp: +6289699696485


Gembong 2-16 Komp. Wisma Gemini E-5
Telp: 031-3761670, 3761292, 3713505
Fax: 031-3791296
Surabaya 60141


Raya Geluran 125 Kec. Taman Sepanjang
Telp. 031-7882244, 7882344
Fax: 031-7881642
Sidoarjo 61257